We Defended Our Client From an Auto Accident Lawsuit and Brought Peace Back Into Her Life

“I am so thankful for David Ricks and his personable and professional staff.

I found myself in a surreal situation. I was named in an auto accident that an adult family member was involved in. I was being sued for outrageous amounts of money by someone I didn’t even know. I wasn’t even involved in the auto accident. I found myself feeling helpless, despaired and extremely stressed.

I called David Ricks’ office and he personally spoke with me on the phone. He asked me important questions and spent time with me. He really was concerned about me and the situation I was in. I then met David Ricks in person. I found him to be straight forward and honest. He is a hard working family man who really cares about people and justice. He is very well versed and knowledgeable about his industry. I found him to be highly competent and forward thinking.

Through the entire case David Ricks & staff kept me informed and kept my spirits up when I was uncertain and scared due to the legal process that I didn’t understand. David Ricks and staff were there every step of the way; they informed and updated me and let me know I was not alone in this case.

David Ricks got the case against me dropped and resolved. Thanks to Mr. Ricks, I no longer wake up ever every morning worrying about being sued. I now have my life back.

Thank you, David. You have brought peace back into my life. Thank you so much.”

Dawn B.