Business Litigation Testimonials

A successful law firm counts on its clients to spread the word about their experiences. Read what some of our own clients have to say about the professional services and legal solutions that David H. Ricks & Associates has to offer.

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  • I am a small business owner who has managed and operated a range of businesses for over 40 years. Operating a business is much like navigating an obstacle course. Filled with issues, and at times unconventional situations, it can be tough to navigate. For the last 21 years, David Ricks has helped me overcome a myriad of situations, and as a result, has helped me grow as a business owner and an individual. David always works endlessly to protect and achieve the goals of my companies, which is rare in a world where many attorneys treat you as a cash cow with a number. Family-oriented and personable, David and his staff make any visit welcoming and comfortable. Additionally, David’s publications are always insightful, and his legal acumen inspires confidence as a client. I am proud to have David Rick’s as my personal attorney. Thanks, David!
  • We had a frivolous law suite brought against us by a large rival company using intimidation tactics. And the court system. They were able to competently take care of the matter for a very reasonable price.